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We offer a range of website content, design, and development services.

At SciComm Services, we create beautiful and easy-to-update websites for science organizations, startups, and academic institutions. A good website is the foundation of a strong communications strategy in modern scientific organizations. We believe in creating a user experience that meets your goals, whether raising funds, educating and providing resources, or marketing products.

Our end-to-end web development and content management services look at content, design, and function in parallel processes. Whether you are creating a new website, redesigning an existing one, or creating a new feature/section for your website, we will work with you to reach your target audiences.

Our team includes SciComm Services founder Lisa M.P. Munoz, who has 20 years of experience in science communications, and web developer Richard Seddon, who has 20 years of experience developing websites, as well as specialized designers and content producers. We specialize in creating fully customized backends that make content updates simple. We enjoy working with mission-driven scientific organizations working at the forefront of discovery and education.


Human Vaccines Project

SciComm worked with the Human Vaccines Project, a nonprofit working to decode the human immune system, on a complete redevelopment of its website. The new homepage included a background video and news highlights. We also introduced a new system for cataloging and archiving events and news items and a new donation system. A priority of the redesign was to create a dynamic site that highlighted new content, including embedded video content, for potential funders and press. We worked together with a designer and the leadership of the Society on revising, structuring, and updating content, developing a new back-end in WordPress tied to the Society's newsletter system, and creating a new dynamic front-end.

NuMat Technologies

SciComm worked with NuMat Technologies, an advanced nanomaterials company, to redesign and redevelop its website. The focus was on highlighting new white papers and other content about the company's technology platform. New features we developed includes a blog, as well as a filterable news and resource archive, as well as custom graphics to highlight the company's approach. We updated imagery and design throughout the site, as well as streamlined the structure of the content, to enable potential customers to see the various applications of the technology. The end result was a redesigned front-end with a new back-end in WordPress to enable the company to update content moving forward.

Entanglement Technologies

SciComm worked with Entanglement Technologies, an advanced chemical sensor company, on a complete reimagining of its website. The rebuild included creating a new backend, redesigning the frontend, and creating custom content throughout the site to showcase the company's technology, applications, and approach. Highlights included new products pages, an interface for job applications, and a filterable media and resources center. We identified and developed new imagery throughout the site to complement the new content and design and solidify the brand.

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